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Tailor made holidays to Bhutan

Bhutan, Land of the Thunder Dragon, is a small Himalayan Kingdom about the size of Switzerland where the importance of Gross National Happiness is greater than that of Gross Domestic Product. Wedged between Tibet and the Northern Indian states of Assam, West Bengal and Sikkim, Bhutan has retained its cultural legacy whilst avoiding thoughtless modernisation and today is a curious mixture of Buddhist traditionalism and capitalist progression. With striking natural beauty, mountain fresh air, pristine rivers and a rich heritage, the Kingdom welcomes visitors from afar with genuine congeniality.

With an emphasis on the modernisation of education, health services, rural development and communication, King Jigme Singye Wangchuck is the architect of Bhutan’s development and his environmental conservation policies give precedence to ecological considerations over commercial interests. As a result, the country is free from any major industries that pollute the environment, the roads are not congested and the vistas are of pristine forests, fertile valleys and snow capped peaks. The people are genuinely happy, crime almost non existent and a total ban on smoking in the kingdom is in place.

Architecture is dominated by fortress-monasteries called Dzongs, living institutions that combine local government, public meeting areas and places of worship in grand design. Often perched on cliff tops overlooking the valley below, they are a dramatic reminder of the countries turbulent past when whole communities would take refuge from marauding armies within their walls. 
Tourism to Bhutan can best be described as developing. The roads, which cling to the sides of the valleys and snake their way through mountain passes, are mostly in good condition and are far from busy, but progress is often slow and long journey times between places are common. Hotels are generally basic with local cuisine served from a buffet. International chains are slowly filtering into the country and there is a chain of 6 luxury lodges offering stylish rooms, international menus and relaxation massages. For the more adventurous, Bhutan is one of the best places to experience the Himalayas on foot and a wide variety of hikes and treks are available and white water rafting can also be easily arranged.

A holiday in Bhutan combines spectacular scenery, intriguing history and genuine hospitality with a sense of adventure and discovery. Call one of our Destination Specialists to start planning your trip to this beautiful Kingdom.

Inside the Dragon Kingdom

An essential overview of the Himalayan Buddhist Kingdom. This tour imbues you with a subtle appreciation of the Bhutanese situation and way of life. Bhutans character is underpinned by a culture rooted in its traditional past. Monastic-fortress centers...

From £2855 per person sharing

Off the Bhutan Track - Bhutan - Paro, Thimpu, Punakha, Bumthang & Trongsa

A fourteen night holiday in the Land of the Thunder Dragon. This itinerary will allow you to explore the enchanting valleys of Bhutan at a relaxed and gentle pace. Enjoy the breathtaking views of the snow-capped Himalaya from Dochu La, amble through...

From £5367 per person sharing

Amankora - Gangte

Positioned on a forested knoll close to the valley floor is Amankora Gangtey. A winding track leads guests through the forest and descends to the lodge. With sweeping views of fields of dwarf bamboo and potato crops, the accommodation is typical in design and feel to other Amankora lodges.

Amankora - Paro

With views that take in the 17th century Drukyel Dzong (monastery) and soar to the 7,300m high, snow-capped Jhomolhari peak, Amankora Paro is a dramatic introduction to Bhutan. Twenty four stylish suites are built in clusters of four with rammed earth...

Amankora - Punakha

Based around a traditional farmhouse built by Her Majesty the (Bhutanese) Queen Mother, Amankora Punakha is surrounded by orchards of tropical fruit and paddy fields. Flanked by the Mo Chu river, access, via a suspension bridge decked with fluttering...

Amankora - Thimpu

Built to emulate the design of a Dzong, incorporating high stone, white-washed buildings, landscaped gardens and pristine pine forests, this lodge overlooks Thimpu valley. Two accommodation blocks house sixteen suites with king size beds, wood panelled...

Lhaki Hotel, Phuntsholing

A recently built hotel in this fascinating border town. Clean and spacious rooms with comfortable furnishings and functional amenities. Undoubtedly the best place to stay here.

Mountain Lodge

A simple lodge in the valley with basic twin rooms, complete with wood panelling and traditional bukhari (wood stove).

Phuntsho Pelti

A modern hotel in the centre of Bhutans Capital City. Rooms are comfortable but not luxurious and the food is edible.

Uma Resort, Paro

A luxurious resort built overlooking the Paro Valley. Contemporary design, international cuisine and an indulgent spa complete the air of sophistication and luxury.

Yankhill Resort

Located with views across a valley onto the precariously perched Trongsa Dzong. Whilst clean and comfortable, this hotel is not notable for any reason other than the views.

Zangto Pelri, Punakha

A traditional resort built overlooking the Punakha Valley. 45 rooms and cottages are simply furnished and have attached bathrooms.



Renowned for their natural splendour and numerous monasteries, the four valleys of the Bumthang region are fantastic for walking. At an altitude ranging between 2400m and 4000m the air is thin and temperatures often plummet below zero. Jakar is at the...


As home to Bhutans only International airport, Paro is the main entry and exit point to the country. A wide, fertile valley is flanked by steep rock walls and dissected by a fast flowing, crystal clear river. The town itself has avenues of weeping...


At a much lower altitude than the other valleys, Punakha enjoys a warmer, almost tropical climate where citrus trees, bananas and rice crops flourish. At the confluence of the Mo Chu and Pho Chu rivers is the Punakha Dzong, a massive monastery which served...


Thimpu is the capital city of Bhutan and the only capital in the world to be completely without traffic lights. Instead, traffic police stand in the middle of junctions, in full uniform complete with spotless white gloves and gleaming helmets, controlling...


Situated in the middle of the country, Trongsa is home to the most impressive Dzong in the Kingdom. Visible from miles around, it is perched on a ridge overlooking the Mangde Chhu river and dates back to the 17th century.